Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thank you Jennifer and Summer

Jennifer and Summer from over at Cricutdiaries.blogspot.com included me in on their top lists of new inspiring blogs! Thanks ladies.
Upon receiving this award I must thank the person (s) and link it back to their blog, share 8 things about myself. Pass it on to 8 individuals (blogs) that I recently discovered and inform all the new recipients of their award. So Please go check out Crucutdiaries.blogspot.com- they are some very crafty ladies, so be sure to check them out!

8 things about me.... Get ready to get personal...
8.I have 3 blond/ blue eyed kids and 1 with light brown/ brown eyes. I have dark brown/Black hair and green eyes- who said brown was dominate?
7.I cut out all sugar 10/30/2010-Ummm yeah, the day before HALLOWEEN! I'm doing OK, lost 30 some lbs.
6. I cheat on the above said diet experiment... its OK, once in a while.
5. I hate shopping unless its for my kids...
4. My husband cooks for us almost every night. I clean it up.
3. I live in the town I always wanted to live- where I always wanted to raise my kids. I love my town, its cozy and cute, next to a river, with a beautiful view of the mountains.
2. My kids went to my old Elementary school.
1. I would love to buy an old farm house with a red barn.
That's me all summed up! Now on to the 8 blogs!


I hope you have time to check them out! Have a wonderful crafty day



Tina said...

Congrats Sweetie!!!!!!! You deserve it :)

flowerdisco said...

congratulations my dear and thank you so much for honoring me with it too.

i will post tomorrow. and you said you lost 30 lbs no sugar??? cool!

Got2BCrafting said...

Congratulations on your award! I am so excited, and honestly in disbelief, that you passed this award on to me as well! Thank you so much... it truly means a lot to me!! I need to work on my list of 8 things about me and pick my 8 blogs. :) Thanks again!!

Fern said...

Congratulations!!! And you are just too sweet!!! Thank you so much!!!

Staying Crafty said...

It is so fun to learn about other crafters :) I wish my hubby would cook and I could do the dishes. *LOL* I am so bad about planning our meals. Your town sounds wonderful. I live near mountains, but don't make it up to them as often as I'd like to. Thank you SO MUCH for thinking of me! I am usually really bad about getting awards posted, so please don't think that I don't appreciate the thought. *Bug Hugs*

McVic said...

Thank you all ladies- I really look at you all all the time and wanted you to know you all inspire me. Cant wait to read your 8 things about you!

Linda w said...

Congratulations Kacee, and thanking you chosing me as one of your 8 blogs....I have to admit I've been coverting this award lol and I'm so please that you think I'm worth it. Will post tomorrow when I've had a think about my 8 things, thanks again sweetie. Hugs lin