Monday, January 17, 2011

In my drawers!

Ok- With EmmaLu not wanting to rest properly yesterday I did not get much done. She wanted to count everything in my stash. In English then in Spanish(geeze smarty pants)! I had a lot of putting away after she was done because I cant create in chaos-by the time I was all finished. I was tired and ready for a nap-don't know why she wasn't! So I thought Id show you how I store my wooden stamps, I just started stamping this summer so I don't have a huge collection of them, but here is one of the 2 drawers I have- My husband made them for me, if my collection gets any bigger(hehehe) he will have to make me more!

Any one have any good ideas about storing stamps that are not out in the open for little fingers? I would hate to walk in here and find out they have been turned little flying objects when I wasnt looking. Out of sight is out of mind for the little girls here.

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Marlene said...

She's cute! :)

I have my rubber stamps lined up on little home-made shelves (made with white flashing or some home builder type materials...I dunno - hubby made them for me). They're just the right width and high enough off the ground away from small hands (though I don't have that