Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Dance

This is my daughters first dance.. I was just as excited as she was- I helped her pick out just the right dress. It was perfect for her, she looked so adorable all dressed up and even wore her first pair of high(ish) heels! I was lucky enough she let me help her get ready. Just us two. (no other kids in sight- with 4 there is always one around somewhere) She let me do her hair while she did her make up. I'm so glad she let me share this with her, and didn't insist on getting ready at a friends house. *Sigh* they grow up to fast! So here is the lay out I did of her all ready to head out the door... I will be doing another one of the process it took to get ready. That should be fun!


Marlene said...

She is so cute - and your layout is smashing. I'm so glad you got to share these moments with her. They do grow up awfully darned fast.

Anonymous said...

Aw! That is really sweet and that page is beautiful. You are so creative