Wednesday, August 31, 2011

McVic is 36 Birthday Blog Hop~

Hi every one I want to thank you for joining us today for  my birthday hop, McVic is 36!!! I'm super excited to be sharing this day with all my blogger friends! Please make sure you leave some bloggy love at all the stops today, we have a few ladies who are posting in a hop for the first time! Do you remember your first? Fun huh!!! If you post on all the hops and follow my blog you will be entered to win a birthday present from me!!! I cant tell you what it is, its a present after all! There may be other candy along the way as well. For my candy please follow me and leave a comment below, if you leave a blog address I can stop over to visit or tell you if you have won! If you dont, you will have to come back to find out. Candy is available for US residents only,

 Now I did not make a card for this hop, my niece  and often scrap buddy Zabrina made it for me. She also helped my little girls make one too. Thank you Zabrina for the beautiful card, and for having such  patience with the little ones.

Thank you to all the ladies in the hop today. You really do mean alot to me- I follow you, learn from you, and appreciate all you have done for me! You have made my blog experience so wonderful, I am truly blessed this birthday with some great friends!
here is the hop in case you get lost;

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

*Caution* Potty Talk-

I made a card for the Peachy Keen challenge, you have to  use an animal.... its not my normal kind of card, I hope you are not offended by "potty" talk. If you are, I'm sorry- Its the only thing that I could think about while I was making this card!  Hmmmm wonder what that says about me... (don't answer that lol) I asked my kids if they have ever heard this expression, they looked at me like I was crazy... Maybe I am getting old, or maybe its just a country kid thing, I have no idea. But my husband knew what I was talking about..... let me know if you have ever heard this...or if I'm out of my tree,... off my rocker....geeze... here it is!

Do Your Photo Boxes Rip?

I am having a problem with my photo boxes not holding up, I picked the ones up from my local chain craft store, they were rather inexpensive and came in black, a color I can live with in my room. I like to keep the colors working together to create a calmer place for me to craft in.... But I have been having to tape my boxes they are just not holding up!  See what I mean:

I went online and found some new ones called Snap N Store from IdeaStream, Take a look at the corners, *sigh* do you see the metal reinforced corners? LOVE that! These  are made thicker than the ones I have, and are quite sturdy and durable. And they go together in a snap.

Do you see whats wrong with this picture, other than 2 ripped lids.....

Yep missing labels!
I really don't like it when this happens, I have to figure out what is in what box. Find the missing label, or make another one. With all the kids and scrappy friends who visit my room, I need to know where every thing is. It just makes crafting in here easier. I tried to see if my label would fall out of the box from IdeaStream, it did not, it would however slip down if I pushed it hard enough, so there is a tighter fit between the metal and the box. Over all I think this is a great little box, perfect for photos and craft storage. If you are in the market for new boxes make sure you check them out! I am going to replace mine for sure!
 Have a happy scrappy day!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Whats New in the Room

A week or so ago, Shannon and I were given a wonderful gift from Imaginisce, we got together to separate our treasure and a discussion followed on how to store it. Then I saw an I-top tool box the other day on Shannon's blog!  It looks like she made hers from a 12x12 IRIS, I had a smaller one laying around my husband gave me along  with a green snapware box- He knows how I love to keep my room organized~ I thought they would work wonderful for all my new brads and goodies from Imaginisce, here is what I came up with.....

I hope to soon fill it with fabric and the big brad daddy head!!! I like my i-top tracer patterns,(pretty sure that is not what they are called) so I dont have to worry about fitting in the punches. I think it needs to be dressed up a little bit, so next time I get to my crop I am going to pull out the vinyl and make it pretty!!! How do you store your I-top and goodies?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

quick little girly project and blog hop reminder~!

Just a fun little project with the I-top. I pulled out my  stash of old jeans and made a little  RE- project. Just something fun to wear on my left hand. I used a snap ring from Imaginiesce and snapped the flower on!

Thank you all for stopping by, I will have a Birthday present on August 31st for one of you! Make sure you come back for the hop!!
Have a happy scrappy day!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Winner and a giveaway with Shannon!!

Just a quick post to let you all know who won the giveaway for the Naked Binder!!! It is the 27th today, so its time! Woo HOO!
Chosen by the winner is:

BloggerAlisha said...
I love that these are made in the USA and totally recycled and recyclable. This looks like a great fun project. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

August 20, 2011 10:22 PM
Congrats Alisha!!! Ill contact you soon!

So for the giveaway, my super friend Shannon is giving away some digital software on her blog! Head on over to her blog My-O-Scrappin and enter to win. Its quick and simple to enter- tell her I said HI! I really LOVE the first layout she did, its just beautiful!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Loving my mini from Rhonda at Decorate to Celebrate

I won a mini album made by Rhonda from Scrap Happens!  If you haven't seen her blog you are truly missing out. I am sincerely inspired by her with each and every post, she amazes me with her crafting brilliance. - She has teamed up with another fab. crafter Amy from love to crop and made a fun challenge blog Decorate to Celebrate. (Where I won my mini from!) They have some fantastic projects and ideas over there, and you have a chance to win a mini of your very own if you do the hop with them! Thank you Rhonda for this mini, it is such a treasure for my family! Rhonda made my little ballet dancer a mini for her recital pictures... and let me tell you, she loves it! I have showed it off to who ever comes over and am so excited to share it with you all! 

I know the pictures are blurry, sorry. I couldn't get Emma to stop jumping up and down. She was super excited to get to hold it! And had to go dress up in her dance gear for her picture-

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I won an award!!

I was just awarded a Butterfly Award from Celeste over at Touched By A Butterfly!! I want to tell her thank you! And it really means a lot to me to be included in your list! Really, Bloggy land is big, and to be chosen is really nice, and just  a super sweet thing for her to think of me! There are some questions I have to answer, then pass it on!
1) Name your favorite color?
yikes, I just like color, I would say pink, but I wouldn't drive a pink car, I think I like colors depending on what they are in reference to...

2) Name your favorite song?
Just the way you are

3) Name your favorite dessert?
Ben and Jerry's Fudge Brownie ice cream

 4) What wizzes you off at the moment?
People who harass others.

5) Your favorite pet?
My little Yorkie Bounce

 6) Black or White

 7) Your biggest fear?
                                        I don't want to say it out loud... doesn't that make it  happen!      

8) Best Feature?
I have no idea, I won "best eyes" in my Sr. Year book... does that count?

9) Everyday attitude?
depends on whats going on.....I asked my niece, she said a fun enough for her to "hang with"-lol teenagers are soooo much fun!

10) What is perfection?
                                                                       A nice sunny day at the beach house- when the tide goes out and the sun warms up the sand, bare feet in the warm ocean puddles, watching the minnows hide in the seaweed with my jeans rolled up around my knees and the kids playing with buckets full of shells.

11) Guilty Pleasure?

12) When you're upset you?
Call my friends, and my mom

Now I have to pass this award onto others.

Of course It goes back to Celeste! Thank you Celeste~

Celeste is super sweet, a great teacher, and I am in love with what she can do with SVGs- I often stalk her blog to see what amazing things she makes! Here are my others!

Rhonda from Scrap Happens!
Audrey from Cute and Some
Shannon from My-O-Scrappin
Amy from love to crop
Alisha from My Crafty Ways
Brenda from Creativity is only a State of Mind
Laura from laura's crafts and more
Gloria from Oma's Crafts

Have a happy scrappy day!

Whats New in the Room

Whats new in my room? Well I have gotten a supply caddy for all my tools! I know these are a must have for any scrapper or crafter- so I went online to find one.  I got it here from IdeaStream  Products. I had a few requirements in a caddy, it had to be decent sized to hold all my goodies,  be easy to carry, and have lots of pockets!  I use a rolling suitcase when I go to crops, and I need all the room I can get in the suit case for paper,  that leaves no place for tools.  Let it me tell you this is a much needed bag! And I got a ton of my tools and bonus goodies in this bad boy!

Did you see all that stuff in there! Here is the list:
2 boxes of pens
ATG gun
Zig pen, fat one, and small one
Tacky Glue
Water Pen
Owl stampin up punch
Stamp stampin up punch
3 acrylic blocks
I top brad maker
Big Bite
Box of brads
Cricut green kit
Zutter corner rounder
3 cuttle bug folders
a package of pictures
a tube of cardboard words
2 stickles
ink pad
As crafty people you all know that these are LARGE tools, So big, they would fill up an entire
12x12 IRIS!- Why would any one want to do that? I don't know about you but I need room for more paper! I could have fit more in the Caddy, but it would have been really heavy. I think it is a must have for crafters who attend crops, or for some one who likes to keep all the essential tools handy, although it is large, it is not so huge you can not keep it on your desk as a desk caddy. I did this last night when I crafted with my niece, it worked great to put it between us and we could both use it, it kept our space free from the clutter of tools, we always knew where items were. Over all this is a great bag, a nice size and super functional!

If you are a super organized scrapper or crafter, or are just trying to be one, check out their online store. There are some things that would be fantastic for any craft room.  I am thinking when I get into copics I need to pick up this to store them!!! I am going to need it for sure to keep all the kids out and keep my investment safe!! I love the style of it and the colors are perfect.
What about a Storage Clipboard!!! (Did you drool a little? )I know as a blogger I would LOVE to pick up one of these to keep all my lists, hops, projects and fave blog friends addresses in here, that would be amazing! Ok, thank you for stopping by today, go check out IdeaStream Products and have your self a happy crafty day!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Whats next

I wanted all my winners to know every ones goodies are in the mail!! Please let me know when you get your packages, and congrats to you all! Keep checking back for more giveaways this month, and a final big birthday present with a hop on Wednesday the 31st! Hope you all can make it! Don't forget to sign up for the Naked Binder Tabs giveaway- these things are awesome!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Naked Binder, a winner and a giveaway!!

A box came to my door the other day, I was so excited I snatched it off the porch and ran inside! The box held my much anticipated Naked Binders and Tabs!!! With school just around the corner for us I was looking at options for the teens, something that would hold up all year, and something of course, cool, stylish, and affordable green.(one of the best parts! You must read the link) Then I started thinking, hmmmm Naked Binder, crafty mom, *Bing Bing* we have a huge crafty winner!!!!  Why shouldn't all the crafty people out there know about this!
The options are endless for the binders, decorate them with your paper, stamp on them, ink them, emboss and embellish them!!! Ohhh we could use them for stamp storage, I know you all have seen the YouTube videos on storage. What about using a binder itself as a scrap book with it decorated to the theme of the book, or maybe sort of slam book? You could use the tab pages for years in the book, or OH -my gosh... a mini by itself! Use it for your kids journey through high school, there is a tab for Freshman, Sophomore, Jr. Sr. and Graduation!! I am super excited about this option as I have 2 now in high school. How fun er um I mean sweet would this be for a boy grungy book?? Ink it up and let them go at it with a sharpie to doodle on? They could design their own cover with personal artwork, sentimental sayings, the list goes on and on!!!

Did you see in the close ups the little recycles fibers! How cool is that~! Stay tuned to see a fun mini with the tabs!! Cant wait to show you all!
So, now that you have read the green link how would you like to have some Naked Binder Tabs! I know you are all going to love these! I am going to give a set of Tabs away to one lucky winner chosen by who lives in the US. If they are a follower and can tell me one amazing GREEN fact about Naked Binder!!!! Contest closes on August 26th Midnight winner announced on August 27th 2011

Winner from Last weekends hop~
scrappinC said...
Such a cute idea and free hand that is awesome. Love all the colors and the sparkle. Glad to be hopping with you.

Cindy Lou
endurapuppy at yahoo dot com
I will send you an email soon!!! Thank you all for stopping by, look for more giveaways this month!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Welcome guest designer Shannon!

I'm a guest designer!

For starters I want to thank my blog buddy Kacee for giving me this opportunity to put my name out there.  I am very new to the blog world and Kacee has been an amazing help with the entire process.  I am blessed so to have a friend who has such a wealth of knowledge and creativity.  So thanks Kacee Mcvic, you're a peach!  For my guest debut, I choose a card, and a 12x12 layout.

My scrap bin was getting a little full so I decided to pick out some odds and ends to create this card. 

I used my Create A Critter Cricut cartridge for my cupcake, my Cindy Loo Cricut cartridge to create the frame, added a little bling and vola!  Simple and Sweet, just the way I like it.
For my layout I picked an old favorite of mine.  The young girl in the pictures is very special to me and is going through a rough time in her life.  She means the world to me!  This layout makes me smile because shes in it.

Now for the best part....BLOG CANDY!!  Since September is around the corner, I am giving away a September/Fall themed mini album and some Martha Stewart Glitter.

To be eligible to win please check out my blog my-o-scrappin, become a follower and leave a comment on this post.  If you are already a follower that's ok, you also have a chance to win! I will be picking the winner on Sunday the 21st using  Winners must live in the continental United States. 
Kacee, thanks again for having me on your blog!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Back to School Blog Hop Day 2!

Welcome to the Back to School Blog Hop. Since the kiddos are gathering up their backpacks, sharpening their pencils, polishing their apples and are headed back to school. We thought it would be fun to celebrate in a fun way...Blog Hopping!!
Along the way you will find such wonderful projects such as gifts for teachers, classroom ideas, scrapbook layouts, cards, and more. Please be sure to visit every blog and leave a comment to be eligible for the GRAND PRIZE.
You are now at  You Had Me at Scrap,
If you came here from Carla's blog then you are in the right place. If you didn't and you just stopped by that's okay go back to the beginning at Blessed On The Bright Side and Hop with us. You will find lots of talented designing friends on this hop and you don't want to miss a single one!! 
 Here is the hop line up!!!
Shawnee -
Rachelle -
Carla -
Kacee (you are here)
Robin - (NEXT)
Cindy Lou -
Mickie -

For this project my niece came over and we made duck tape wallets for her and my oldest. They are in High School now, and wanted something for student id, and cash.. the inside has 3 little card pockets, on the left and a id pocket on the right it opens up like a real wallet for the money spot.

Thanks for hopping with us for the past 2 days, if you would like to be entered into my blog candy drawing, make sure you are a follower of my blog, and leave a comment on both days!!! If you leave a blog address and follow me I would love to come over and follow you too!! I am always looking for fun new blogs!! Happy hopping!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Back to School Blog Hop Day 1

Welcome to the Back to School Blog Hop. Since the kiddos are gathering up their backpacks, sharpening their pencils, polishing their apples and are headed back to school. We thought it would be fun to celebrate in a fun way...Blog Hopping!!
Along the way will find such wonderful projects such as gifts for teachers, classroom ideas, scrapbook layouts, cards, and more. Please be sure to visit every blog and leave a comment to be eligible for the GRAND PRIZE.
If you came here from Carla's blog then you are in the right place. If you didn't and you just stopped by that's okay go back to the beginning at Blessed On The Bright Side and Hop with us. You will find lots of talented designing friends on this hop and you don't want to miss a single one!! 

Here is the hop line up!!!

Shawnee -
Rachelle -
Carla -
Robin -
Cindy Lou -
Mickie -
This is a 2 day hop so make sure you come back and comment on both days and follow my blog to be entered to win my blog hop candy!!!
My first project is a little back pack pull for my best friends daughter. She starts kindergarten in September and I thought I would make some thing special to match her new back pack! I drew the bird free hand, so it would match well with her cant see the birds eye really well in these pictures, (its the fuzzy spot ) but the camera does pick up all the glitter!!!  Trust me she is much cuter in person!!!

Here is what I used:
Srinky Dink paper
black Sharpie marker
paint brush
Glamour Dust paint by Deco Art.