Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Scrap storage!!

So I love to see how other people store craft stuff and what they keep where, I love to see all the creative way people come up with in small spaces and how if one is so luck to have a room for crafting how they gussy it up. I asked my DH for more storage space and showed him a few ladies spaces online, I was thinking I like the Ikea units with the cubbies, but I wanted drawers like the white jetmax storage, I also wanted a shelve that was wide and tall enough for odd hard to store items. I also asked if he could make shelves in 3 of the cubbies so I could hold the plastic iris paper holders. He left for half a day and brought back this!!! ( he is going to finish this weekend on the iris shelves, and drawers!)

AND these, to go at the sides of my sit down desk! I have some paper jetmax storage on one side, and a set of white drawers he made me on the other and there was this big gap between the wall and the back of the cubbies. The new shelves and drawers he made for me, make the desk a more sturdy structure for the heavy white book shelf that sits on top!! yea!~
NEXT: under counter lighting, and convincing him I need the playroom for my craft space!!


Flamenco92627 said...

Nice! Love the storage. Quick question: can I borrow your DH for a weekend?

Tracy Suzanne said...

Lucky girl. Like Flamenco says can you put us on a borrow your husband waiting list?

OOO's...Tracy :)