Saturday, June 4, 2011

What Im going to scrap next!

I have chosen the pictures I want to use for my next project or two,
and thought I would share the process I use to get my creative juices flowing...

First I pick cute clothes to put my kids in.. I know clothes are not everything.. and they are not... however I don't photo shop and its easier to use bright colored clothes with out stains to shoot because I don't edit.

Next I choose my pictures..
Here is a picture I took last weekend I am going to print.... I usually wait for a sale at Walgreen's, I load them up to Walgreen' just wait for a 10 cent sale.. there is

one now, so I am going to do some printing today!~
I choose the pics I think I can group, some of the kids by themselves and a few with a sibling or two. Each child has their own album so I like to include a picture of their brother or sisters too.

Then I go through my paper stash and find colors that match the pictures. I choose 3 main colors and a 4th color, or pattern that is an accent. Sometimes I will chose more patterned paper than this, but I like to keep my layouts clean and focus on my pictures. Sometimes I do create more fussy layouts with tons of embellishments and pretties, usually when I have more time to play.
I have said this several times, but I don't just make one layout at a time. I make at LEAST 2 most of the time 3. With 4 kids this is the only way I can keep current, and not feel like I am sinking in pictures that I need to scrap.

After the colors are chosen I pick a theme of the layout.. I have chosen kelly green, white and yellow for these pictures, as well as little white flowers for the embellishments. I am going to use the girls' tee shirts for inspiration, and create a little heart for Iyla's page, and a peace sign for Emma's page out of the flowers I punched.
Im going to work on these tonight. Im not feeling to bad today so I think I might just get these done! See you all soon with some really cute layouts!~ Happy scrapping to you!


Rhonda Emery said...

adorable pictures of your girls cant wait to see the layout. hugs

Audrey Frelx said...

Your daughters are so adorable!!! Great pics!

JustYolie said...

Your daughters are beautiful. Looking forward to your layout.