Monday, June 27, 2011

Sweet BloggerAward

I just received a  really sweet blogger award!! I am so happy to get a blogger award from my friend Rhonda. She is a wonderfully talented crafter who blogs and gives away her precious minis, She holds a "call" for ideas for mini albums and then picks winners from that post to make personalised mini albums for! They are AMAZING! One of her more recent ones is my current favorite, the Camping mini she made for a winner over at her second blog Decorate to Celebrate! She is one busy lady and a great friend! She posted some rules on her blog about this award. Here is what they are:
send a thank you and link up your blogging friend who gave you the award
answer random facts about yourself seven of them
pass award onto blogging buddies!

Here are my random facts...
I broke my nose in the 5th grade. I didn't get it reset, so I have a bump on it.
I named my youngest two daughters after my Grandma Evelyn Louise, Emma Louise age 3 , and Iyla Evelyn 23mo!.
I love the beach, its my favorite place to be.
I love flip flops
I would love to take my kids on a trip to Hawaii
I wish I knew how to make jewelry
I was a foster parent- the hardest thing Ive ever done. But so worth it.
geeze that was harder than I thought!!! alright now on to sharing the bloggy award to some great bloggers you should check out....

Liza -
Kim /

Thank you for stopping by today, have a great crafty day!!!


Sentimental Scrapper said...

Thanks so much for sharing this bloggy award with me! :)

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Fern said...

Thank you, Kacee!!! You are so sweet!! Hugs!