Saturday, December 25, 2010

Where I play

I thought I would post a few pics of where I get my craft on- I love to see other peoples space, so I thought I would share mine. I don't have my own craft room, the kids want to keep the playroom- and we have a 4 bd room house, with 4 kids! So, for a while at least, I have to use the space I have in my master bedroom, and make do. I have previously posted my husband made me a craft space last Thanksgiving- This is my standing space, it is counter top height, and you need a stool it sit there. I love the space it gives with the depth of the counter and the drawers are really deep. On the shelf is my New Cricut- and under cover is my baby bug- the personal cricut. I am a sucker for pics of my kids, and their artwork touches that little spot in my heart so I try to keep handy anything they make- There is Emma's bird picture she made with Stampin Up punches, and her hand print plate she made this summer. In the baskets I keep my cameras, cords and chargers, also My Gypsy box- on the selves I keep some books extra albums, and in boxes, Stamps, ink, cutting tools, and photos. My son is sitting at my little desk- my husband also built this. and the white shelf with my carts, punches and tiny TV. I have a book shelf to the right of the desk it is a solid piece I keep my purple cow, and texture boutique- with the little folders in the purple boxes. Well Here it is. Nothing fancy but it works for the kids and myself! We get in here and spend some quality time as often as we can.

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