Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas- We did in our house. I spent some time putting away, and organizing all the gifts I got and let the kids play by themselves (with out me following them around the house picking up after them) They had lots to keep them entertained. I was a very lucky mom this Christmas. My son got me a very thoughtful gift and my oldest daughter got me crafty stuff. I also got a Purple Cricut Expression and a Gypsy! 4 new carts, and paper! Then, the surprise gift a new lap top. So my oldest kids each get a new laptop too!!! (after I take all my pictures off) They are super excited and are waiting for me to get to cleaning the hard drive. I know I have lots to do! I am going to set up all my new goodies in my crafty area and start to post on my new laptop! Pics to come soon! Thanks for hanging in there with me I'll be back soon!

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