Monday, September 12, 2011

School Pride Face paint

This past Friday night was our High Schools first home game. This is a huge deal in our small community, every one rallys and shows support for our teams. My husband had a great idea and told me to text the niece Zabrina and our high school  kids and have a few friends over for a pre football face painting party. I cut out some letters on my cricut, he got out his air compresser and spray gun and we painted some fun for the kids! This is a picture of my oldest, our high school is named after our town, and all the kids were wearing their "hometown" sweatshirts and tees- The kids had a blast-every one loved the kids face painting and I have a ton of scrap pictures!! WOOT WOOT!! It was a win-win!

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Alisha said...

Very cute and a great idea. love the pics.