Thursday, August 25, 2011

Whats New in the Room

Whats new in my room? Well I have gotten a supply caddy for all my tools! I know these are a must have for any scrapper or crafter- so I went online to find one.  I got it here from IdeaStream  Products. I had a few requirements in a caddy, it had to be decent sized to hold all my goodies,  be easy to carry, and have lots of pockets!  I use a rolling suitcase when I go to crops, and I need all the room I can get in the suit case for paper,  that leaves no place for tools.  Let it me tell you this is a much needed bag! And I got a ton of my tools and bonus goodies in this bad boy!

Did you see all that stuff in there! Here is the list:
2 boxes of pens
ATG gun
Zig pen, fat one, and small one
Tacky Glue
Water Pen
Owl stampin up punch
Stamp stampin up punch
3 acrylic blocks
I top brad maker
Big Bite
Box of brads
Cricut green kit
Zutter corner rounder
3 cuttle bug folders
a package of pictures
a tube of cardboard words
2 stickles
ink pad
As crafty people you all know that these are LARGE tools, So big, they would fill up an entire
12x12 IRIS!- Why would any one want to do that? I don't know about you but I need room for more paper! I could have fit more in the Caddy, but it would have been really heavy. I think it is a must have for crafters who attend crops, or for some one who likes to keep all the essential tools handy, although it is large, it is not so huge you can not keep it on your desk as a desk caddy. I did this last night when I crafted with my niece, it worked great to put it between us and we could both use it, it kept our space free from the clutter of tools, we always knew where items were. Over all this is a great bag, a nice size and super functional!

If you are a super organized scrapper or crafter, or are just trying to be one, check out their online store. There are some things that would be fantastic for any craft room.  I am thinking when I get into copics I need to pick up this to store them!!! I am going to need it for sure to keep all the kids out and keep my investment safe!! I love the style of it and the colors are perfect.
What about a Storage Clipboard!!! (Did you drool a little? )I know as a blogger I would LOVE to pick up one of these to keep all my lists, hops, projects and fave blog friends addresses in here, that would be amazing! Ok, thank you for stopping by today, go check out IdeaStream Products and have your self a happy crafty day!


Audrey Frelx said...

Wow, that holds a LOT!!! I need to do something to get more organized -- I'm a big mess around here...LOL!!!

Hugs, my friend!

Alisha said...

WOW, you got that thing stuffed, I will have to check it out in person and see it's holding up. great job packing it.