Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Do Your Photo Boxes Rip?

I am having a problem with my photo boxes not holding up, I picked the ones up from my local chain craft store, they were rather inexpensive and came in black, a color I can live with in my room. I like to keep the colors working together to create a calmer place for me to craft in.... But I have been having to tape my boxes they are just not holding up!  See what I mean:

I went online and found some new ones called Snap N Store from IdeaStream, Take a look at the corners, *sigh* do you see the metal reinforced corners? LOVE that! These  are made thicker than the ones I have, and are quite sturdy and durable. And they go together in a snap.

Do you see whats wrong with this picture, other than 2 ripped lids.....

Yep missing labels!
I really don't like it when this happens, I have to figure out what is in what box. Find the missing label, or make another one. With all the kids and scrappy friends who visit my room, I need to know where every thing is. It just makes crafting in here easier. I tried to see if my label would fall out of the box from IdeaStream, it did not, it would however slip down if I pushed it hard enough, so there is a tighter fit between the metal and the box. Over all I think this is a great little box, perfect for photos and craft storage. If you are in the market for new boxes make sure you check them out! I am going to replace mine for sure!
 Have a happy scrappy day!


crazyaboutcricut said...

Thanks for the tip!

Doris P. said...

I bought these when they were at walmart and wish I bought more before they deleted them!! thanks for sharing this - i can finally get more!! I keep videos, kitchen tools misc, scrapbooking supplies, etc in them.. I need MORE!! TFS :)