Monday, May 2, 2011

This week in my craft studio

Just wanted to give you all and update on the state of craftiness here in my new craft studio....I am busy hanging up shelves, pictures  designing future projects, and watching videos of how to create with my new machine. The eCraft came this week! I thought I would show you a few pictures, and tell you my first impressions.
It comes packaged really well.. REALLY well. There is the double box, a great egg crate type insert that cradles the eCraft, and a plastic type wrap that is pulled off the eCfaft to make sure it doesn't get scratched.
I was impressed with the weight of it... not that its really heavy, ( but it is heaver than my expression) but that the look of it and materials look more durable and long lasting than the plastic cricut shell....
The color is stunning. I chose Pinc. It is a beautiful shade and has a wonderful shine. I feel like I am working with a professional, almost industrial strength tool. That's just not a feeling I get when I pull out the cricut. The only down side I may find right now- personally, is that I have a tendency to misplace small things.... and the SD card is small... I have lost my camera SD card to many times to count and have had to replace it. But that's just me. Storage for the SD cards vs the Cricut carts is sure to be a HUGE space saver.

Here is the little beauty on her new desk... She does take up some room, I have taken some pictures next to a few IRIS paper holders so you can tell the length.
As for the software.... I have down loaded it to my laptop. It was quite simple and fast.(I am remembering how long it took me to download my last Gypsy update with my free carts... YIKES!) I have been looking on line for free SVG files, and have downloaded them to the program, I'm working on learning how that all works! I'm pretty excited to start saving money, if I'm looking for something specific I can just buy that one item, not an entire cart of things I may never use. (This made my husband happy.hehe)
You can check out the eCraft here   There are some great videos, an an online community! If you have an eCraft please join me on the site- I would love to see all your cool projects! Lets make the eCraft community a fantastic place to be!


BunnyFreak said...

Can't wait to see what you make with your new cutter.

Marlene said...

Enjoy!!! Looks like a nice machine.

Rhonda Emery said...

how cool. love the color of it. cant wait to see your next project with the new toy. hugs